16 Cheap Cool Tech Gadgets You Can Buy Online

cheap cool tech gadgets

Technology is growing every day and new cool gadgets are being made every single day.

As I told you about some mind-blowing future inventions at the previous post, this present inventions of some cheap but cool gadgets also can make your life even easier.

Or maybe sometimes it will be fun for you.

If you’re searching for cheap gadgets online, this article will be a complete guide for you to stand out at this coming age tech world.

So, let’s start with the first gadgets of our list.

Best Cheap Cool Tech Gadgets of 2020:

1. Mini GSM Audio Listening Kit

mini gsm audio listening kit

This is a two-way audio spy device. You have to insert a Sim Card in it and whenever you call to that number, it’ll receive the call automatically and then you can listen to everything going on the other side.

We usually see in spy movies that someone implemented a chipset in the spying room and recording while listening all the conversations going on that targeted room. So, this device actually does the same thing.

The device has a microphone inside to catch the victims audio and by the GSM network, it transfers the voice to the attacker’s device.

2. Adjustable LED Night Vission Goggles

night vision goggles

This is not a mind-blowing gadget at all but, the thing is really cool. The concept is simple, there are 2 bright LEDs at both sides of the glass which gives a quite bright vision at the night times.

The lights flips-out when you turn on it. And flips-in when you turn it off, kind of feel like some robotic technologies are going inside.

This gadget is so perfect if you’re searching for something gift to a kid. Here is a video preview about what you’re actually getting.

3. 10 in 1 Combo of Offices Toolkit

10 in 1 combo tool kit

This is a very useful gadget for your daily life hacks. Here is a bundle of 10 useful tools to keep all the time in your pocket.

If you’re a student this is the one life hacking tool can help you to solve some major daily life bugs. Such as you need a stapler, there is it; you need to scale something, it has tape inside.

There's A Stapler, Scissors, Carton Opener, Staple Pin Remover, 1 Meter Retractable Measuring Tape, Pencil Sharpener, Paper Punch, Key Ring, Storage Basket and Waste Bin.

4. Beetle (bad) USB for Arduino

bad usb

This is very interesting and at the same time, very dangerous weapon to own. The price of this type of products is so cheap but, you get a hacking tool in your hand.

If you don’t know about what an Arduino is, Arduino is an open-source electronic hardware platform where you can store a certain program to run at it connects to the USB port.

For example, you can write some code to this Pendrive looking thing for maybe to open the chrome browser and search for “Gadgets Gadder” on Google, and it’ll perform that task when it’ll be connected to the computer.

You can also run some very serious things into it but, I’m not going any deeper. Cool stuff to own or prank your buddies but please don’t ever think about doing any illegal things with it. Respect the hackers and keep a white hat on your head.

5. 400 in 1 Retro Game Box

retro gameboy

This is a very nostalgic gadget mostly if you’re one of the 80s kids. Also if you love to own old gadgets like me, this is the perfect smartphone replacement for you.

As these generation kids are growing playing games like PUBG, Fortnite, they’d never imagine how our childhoods were.

BTW coming back to the point, if you think smartphones are a very useful tool that can be used for good purposes rather than sticking eyes on the screen scrolling social media feed and playing battle games all the day, give this product a try.

6. Raspberry Pi Zero V1.3

raspberry pi

This is probably the cheapest Raspberry Pi board available at the market, In case you don’t know about Raspberry Pi, it is a single board computer platform with in-build Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and can run various (mostly lite versions) of Linux distros such as Rapbian, Ubuntu Mate, Kali Linux, Windows 10 IoT etc.

In a simple word, this is a whole computer CPU in your palm. By installing a free operating system and connecting to a display it’ll be a full-fledge computer fou you.

This can also be a hacking machine you can carry with yourself everywhere. You can make your own VPN network with it, can make a robot, build something that does not even exist. Check out some cool Raspberry Pi projects to start out.

7. Mini Stereo Microphone

mini stereo mic

If you’re a content creator you know how much important a microphone is. We all have smartphones and these days smartphones have a very good quality mic inside. But, not as good as it can capture an HD stereo sound from the noisy background.

So, here is a cheap premium looking stereo microphone you can keep in your bag all the time. No matter where you’re going, making YouTube videos, attending interviews this little cheap gadget will be always with you.

8. 98000 in 1 Plug N Play Video Game

retro gaming console

This is also a gaming console loaded with 98k+ retro games and programs. Remember, I said something about Retro Games at the 5th gadget of this list, this gadget is also containing the same.

But, it hasn’t a built-in display, you have to plug it in your TV. All the old televisions have the connections port of it. If you’re using a modern TV that hasn’t this particular port, buy an adapter from the nearest hardware store.

9. WiFi Deauther Arduino Watch

wifi deauther watch

This is also an Arduino device with build-in Wi-fi Deauther tool inside. Although this is not a cool looking device and also this is not a smartwatch. But, you’ll get a hacking device in your wrist.

By this little tool, you can run Wi-Fi Deauthentication script anywhere on any Wi-Fi network. Also as here is an Arduino inside, you can develop your own software and store in it.

If you want to make this device cool, you can even build a custom 3D case for it and make this machine way cooler.

10. Mini HD 1080P Night Vision Camera

mini spying camera

This is a very cheap spy camera you can buy online. It comes with an HD night vision video sensor which can give you decent video quality and that’s perfect at this price range.

This is so tiny as it fits completely in your hand, very unnoticeable and support Micro SD card to store the video. It has a motion detection sensor inside. 

You can implement it in your car, parking area, wardrove, monitor your kids, attach to your dog's neck belt and so on. The device itself can be a very good monitoring device for home and office.

11. Educational Floating Pencil Toy Kit

educational kit

This a very interesting gadget to own. It is a floating pencil with 6 magnets attached. This is cool stuff to keep on the desk.

It doesn’t need any battery to run. One of the bottom magnets distracts the magnets of the pencil and one of them attracts to make the pencil flown. The physics behind this gadget is simple but it looks cool.

A nice product to own or gift to a science student.

12. Portable Ruff Pad E-Writer

portable tablet for writing

If you’re an artist or a graphic designer, you’d imagine some great artworks always at your mind. So, you’ve to carry a drawing pad or your expensive tablet everywhere. 

So instead of these, you can carry a cheap drawing tablet to make your imagination real anywhere anytime. You can draw here, click a photograph of your drawing and upload that on your cloud storage. No paper waste, no tension. 

You can also erase the whole drawing by just a single button click.

13. Wooden Music Box

wooden music box

This is an amazing product to gift anyone. You can buy it also for yourself but in my opinion, this is a perfect gift for your girlfriend without investing a lot of money. 

You can buy various music boxes with different instrumental tunes and pieces of music. Mine favourite one is ‘The Godfather’ music box. Here is a happy birthday tuned music box available which you can give at anyone's birthday. 

14. Digital LCD TDS Meter Waterfilter Tester

tds meter

This is a very useful gadget to keep always in your home or in a bag if you’re very conscious about your health. This is a very cheap TDS meter to scan how much viruses are in particular water.

By putting this device in a glass of water, you got to know about the actual purity of the water. You can also experiment with various kind of waters to research about the purification of waters.

Cheap but very useful household gadget.

15. Webcam Hide Cover Privacy Protector

webcam hide cover

This is a very basic and cheap product but I’m very serious about this thing. You know every moment hackers are trying to steal our data and run unethical hacking activities every single time.

They can gain your connected camera access very easily and spy on you even your computer is turned off. If you’re using any external webcams, I’ll advise you to keep that disconnected whenever you’re on using that.

But if you’re a laptop owner, you’ve to buy this type of product to hide your laptop’s webcam. I know this is not seeming to be a very useful thing for you but, these days ethical crime rate increased by 12% at this year. So, your privacy is in your hand.

16. TVG Luxury Brand Sports Military Watch

tvg luxury watch

This is a very cool looking watch. Although this is not a smartwatch, all the basic functionalities that a digital watch should have, it has all of them. I’ve chosen this device just for its looks and awesomeness.

As this is not a smartwatch, you have to worry hardly for the battery recharging issue. 2 colours are available for this watch, Black and Silver. The silver one will be feeling very premium to your hand and the black one is my favourite.


So, these are some cool but very cheap gadgets you can buy from online stores in 2019. All of the products are actually belonging to my dream Gadgets Checklist.

I spend hours scrolling online stores for finding these awesome gadgets for you. How many of these gadgets did you know about before? Is this article successful to fulfil your desire? Tell me in the comments below.

If you like this article and want to know about more awesome and unique gadgets, please share this gadgets list to your friends and let me know about it. 

Thank you for still reading this post. You know, you’re the best.

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