17 Smart Gadgets for Bloggers (Best Easy Blogging Tools)

gadgets for bloggers

Blogging is one of the most growing industries nowadays as lots of new bloggers are standing out every single day making a good amount of profit from the internet.

Well, blogging isn’t as easy as it is sounding.

Only if you work genuinely and with an unstoppable passion you’ll generate a good amount of money for a living.

Statistic says thousands of blog posts are being published every single minute.

But, this post is not about ‘how to blog’ or any blogging tips. Rather I’m going to show you some of my most favourite smart blogging gadgets that I use as a blogger.

And with these useful gadgets not only your blogging journey will be easy but also, you gonna write blog posts quick and more consistently.

1. PC, Laptop, Netbook

laptop for bloggers

If you want to blog more consistently and effectively, you’ll need a computer.

You know, a smartphone isn’t enough for everyday blogging. Yes, you can blog from your smartphone but, the access will be so limited and even you’ll be stuck with that tiny screen.

As a blogger, I suggest you buy a laptop or netbook but, a PC is also usable.

The reason I’m telling you to buy a portable computer is its portability. With a laptop, you can write a blog post literally anytime and anywhere.

But, with a desktop, you can hardly do so.

If you want to buy a laptop only for blogging, I suggest you buy a Chromebook. Even the entry-level Chromebook is enough for heavy web surfing.

Most of the works in blogging happened inside a browser and a Chromebook can easily beat any Windows laptop on flawlessly internet browsing at the same price range.

Also, you’ll the Android and Linux support to do the rest of the work.

(As Chromebook is based on Android and Linux, it’ll more secure than any Windows machine. Recently I got a critical Ransomware attack on my Windows PC and I have lost some of my very important documents.)

2. External Hard-Drive, SSD

hard disk for bloggers

As a blogger, you have to store and backup all of your important data before it somehow be deleted.

Most of the bloggers are getting the same problem now and then.

Most of the time we delete something ourselves unintentionally that harmed us later. So, I’ll suggest you buy an external hard disk and back up every single piece of data.

Nowadays, hard drives are very cheap and value for money. 

If you don’t have a budget to buy and hard-disk, at least buy a Pendrive that will help you to backup most of your data.

As I said earlier, I got a massive Ransomware attack on my computer and I’ve to delete some of my very crucial documents.

But, as all of my data was backed up on my External Hard-disk, I can quickly restore all of them.

3. Smart Watch

smartwatch for bloggers

Having a Smartwatch can make you more active and productive. Do you remember everything you should be remembered?

I don’t know about you but, I forgot most of them.

So, I write everything on my To-Do list (with proper timing) and synced that with my Smartwatch.

Whenever I just about to forget the stuff, my smartwatch vibrates and remind me of all my commitments.

And I add multiple repeat timings to make that thing more powerful.

Well, I’m not a very health-conscious person but, from when I started wearing a smartwatch, I can track most of my health records.

It also helped me to know who is calling or texting me before pulling my phone from the pocket. Yeah, now I can happily ignore every single spam calls or the calls that I don’t want to take.

4. Portable Voice Recorder

voice recorder for bloggers

Now you might be thinking why to have an additional voice recorder when we all can record our voices from our mobile phone?

Well, we’ll come that later but before that, let me take you through a situation.

Suppose you’re working on an interview project or writing a storybook or a story blog but, can’t find anything to write.

What will you do in that situation?

I think you’re missing something. Take a pause and go forward to all those things you’ve been through all your day.

You’ll find some gold mine stories there.

And that’s why I’m telling you to take a Voice Recorder Device with you.

So, whenever you see or feel something incredible, capture that in the recorder.

Recorder apps come with the phones doesn’t record everything off the atmosphere and also those have lack of efficiency.

Your voice notes can be hacked, deleted or even accessed to other people as well.

You know, most of the social media apps have access to our mobile’s microphone to increase their advertisement conversions.

This is not safe to take a risk with your private voice notes because your privacy always has to come first.

5. Amazon Kindle

kindle for bloggers

If you love writing, I’m sure you might love reading as well.

And I also know that devices like Kindle can’t ever replace the paperback but, I’ll take your reading hobby to the next level.

Sometimes we got to know about a very interesting book and became very excited to read that as soon as possible.

But then, we just search that book on online stores, add to cart and leave the website.

The book might not gonna be bought ever so.

But with Kindle, that’ll not happen. You can read pretty much anything, anytime, anywhere.

And for the e-ink display, it’ll not affect to your beautiful eyes as well.

(I’ve seen there are some free SEO books are available for only Kindle devices. This will be a bonus for you as a blogger)

6. Google Home, Amazon Echo

google home, amazon echo for bloggers

Taking a smart assistant device in your home can make your life easier than it is right now.

You can make your home a smart home just by implementing a Google Home or Amazon Echo in a corner of a table.

It’ll be your best friend even if you don’t have one in the real world.

Now coming back to some serious benefits of a smart assistant (Mostly Google Home).

The internet is switching from one thing to another very frequently. And I think the next generation internet will be audio-centric.

So, by using a smart voice assistant device every day, you can gain some very good experience on voice search and voice SEO.

And then you can optimize your website to be founded at most of the keywords related to your article. It’ll definitely boost your web traffic and search engine ranking.

Backlinko founder Brian Dean made a definitive guide based on voice search, it’ll help you to rank higher.

7. Wireless Router, Hotspot Device

wifi router for bloggers

Text Blogging, Video Blogging or whatever you want to do needs an active internet connection.

So, a wi-fi router is a must-have gadget for every blogger.

Mobile internet connection can also make most of the work happened but a wireless device connects all of your devices with the same network.

So, it’ll help you to transfer files faster and more effectively.

If you’re from India, you can buy a ‘JioFi’ or ‘Airtel Hotspot’ for having the same but in a budget.

Do you know if connect many devices with your mobile hotspot, it’ll lag transferring the network and data? 

Sometimes if your smartphone doesn’t have a very good processor, the internet speed will be decreased massively. 

But, a hotspot device can connect to over 30 devices at the same time and share the same amount of connectivity efficiently and seamlessly.

That’s why you need to have one with you every time.

8. Action Camera, Handycam

camera for bloggers

Now blogging is not just writing things, doing hardcore SEOs and posting regular content. You’ve to make sure you give your visitors some kind of value.

And speaking of value, videos are the most engaging and valuable visual content that you can generate anywhere, anytime and on any topic.

If you’re a travel blogger, you’ve to have a camera to capture every single thing you’re watching or will be writing about.

DSLR cameras are bulk in size and those so costly that you’ll not be comfortable to take that with you every single time.

In that case, action cameras are pretty useful.

You can just keep that in your pocket, bring that from your pocket anytime you want and start recording. It’s that easy.

Even if you’re not a travel blogger, you can just click on the record button and talking about any topic and make videos from your blog posts.

9. Feature Phone

smart gadgets for blogger

Now you might be thinking, “What? How could a feature phone be listed under smart gadgets? And what is the point of using that in 2020?

Now, let me give you some perspective.

The feature phones are the smartest calling device of any decades. It helps your mind to take a break from the social-centric internet world and live in reality.

And for being a blogger you’ve to keep your mind clear and steady otherwise ideas couldn’t come out or just be disappeared.

Instead of scrolling a virtual feed and help the company to earn more, you can write a blog post, think about your next blog topics or read a book.

I’m not telling you to only use a feature phone. Use your primary device anytime you want.

But when you realize you’re just wasting your time, switch off that device and switch on the feature phone live a beautiful life.

10. Tablet

tablets for blogger

Tablets are very useful gadgets as those can be used as multiple purposes.

You can use your table as an E-book reader, Digital Photoframe, Portable Blogging Machine, External Viewfinder for your DSLR, Secondary Display and many more.

Having a tablet sometimes save your very precious time and get your work done on the go.

Streaming Netflix, APV and watching YouTube videos on the tablet is one of the best experiences after complete a whole day work schedule.

You can also use the tablet to run an analytical status of your website or a subscriber counter all the time on your desk.

If you’re interested in buying a tablet, I’ll recommend you to go with the ‘Wi-Fi only’ versions.

It’ll save you from distracting things like calls, SMS and also save the battery a lot as no one is searching for network connection all the time.

11. Sticky Notes

sticky notes for bloggers

Sticky Notes are very useful for everyone. Programmers are mostly using it all the time.

This is the thing that makes them organized and helps them to reach their destination on a step by step executable way.

You can also use it on your profession as well.

Some people list their works on their phone. But, I couldn’t find it so useful as I always forgot to check my notes application.

So, I write down every step on each sticky notes and stick them on the wall behind my computer.

Now every time I sit down for work, my eyes automatically go through all the tasks I wrote about to execute.

I think it’s the smartest thing ever. What do you think?

12. Power Bank

power bank for blogger

Powerbank is a very important and useful thing for everyone.

Especially if you’re living in rural areas, this is the only thing you can trust on during power cuts.

I’m from a small town where every day in summers I use to face it.

Before I have a Power Bank, I could only wish for coming back the electricity for 2-3 hours or sometimes tries to charge my phone from the UPS.

But, Power Bank saved my life. It’s a must-have gadget for me.

If you’ve such a story about how tech gadgets changed your life, please tell me at the comment section.

13. OTG Adapter

otg adapter for blogger

This is the best thing you can buy under 100 bucks or even cheaper.

It can be a saviour for you while transferring files from the external drive to your phone or tablet.

Want to take notes or study materials from friend’s Pendrive? Don’t worry you have an OTG adapter.

Want to transfer charge to your phone from another phone, by OTG you can do it easily.

Want to connect Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Game Controler with your phone? OTG is the thing you have to have.

14. Secondary Monitor

dual display for blogger

Having another display can step up your blogging, web development process to the next level.

Even, if you’re a video blogger, this display will help you to view your video while editing.

If you’re a game streamer, this display will help you to read comments while playing and streaming.

If you’re into coding, this will be your main viewport.

No matter which industry you’re from, a secondary monitor can make your life easier.

15. Whiteboard

whiteboard for blogger

Now you all know about whiteboards.

In India, this thing is mostly be found at coaching centres. But, do you know this can help you to be more executive?

My friend Avik is a musician. After wake up, he writes all the thing he has to do throughout the day and execute them one by one.

He told me how this simple thing made his creative life more productive.

I’m also thinking about to implement it in my daily life. I’ll probably write all the blog ideas that come in my mind.

What will you write on your whiteboard?

16. Coffee Maker

coffee maker for blogger

I love coffee and if you’re a coffee person, you know my feelings.

Usually, my mom makes me coffee or tea two times a day. But, I needed that more than twice.
And as being a very lazy person, making coffee on the oven is a lot of work for me.

So, I bought a coffee maker from the nearest electronics store.

It helps me so much for throwing out all the junks and stresses from my head whenever I need it (even in late night).

If you love coffee, this will be your best friend.

17. Inkjet, Laser Printer

printer for blogger

The printer is a thing which is not a very necessary thing to own but, you’ll be thinking of it as the most important gadget when you’ll bitterly need it.

You can print anything just by giving a penny to the ‘Xerox wale Bhaiya’ but owning it will be very helpful if have to do a lot of printouts.

If you’re blogging or doing any work aggressively, you can keep all the hard copies of analytics and data by printing that on a paper.

And by sticking then on the whiteboard will help you to keep your eyes on them all the time.


So, these are the things you can use in your daily life to make it more productive and execute all the works smartly.

If you’re a blogger, all these gadgets I recommend you can make your blogging life more consistent and creative.

I think only bloggers can make other people’s life easier by giving a solution to that problem which is being searched by the user.

So, they have to be productive and create all the problem-solving contents for the internet in a smart way.

I hope this article is helpful according to what you searched for. Tell me how many things you have out of these 17. Comment down below.

Thank you for reading until the end. You’re the best.

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