Best Cheap Gaming Headphones for 2020 (Under 1999/-)

best gaming headphones under 1000

Do you love playing games?

Do you feel very comfortable staying in front of a computer or smartphone's screen playing your favourite games all day?

If yes, then that is not a very good habit my friend. But do you know that gaming is one of the most growing industries in India right now?

And if you want to survive and be notable in this huge gaming universe, then just playing games isn't gonna work.

You have to feel every aspect of the game very deeply.

And if it is a Battle Royal game, then you've to live into the game while you're playing.

And to go inside the game, you have to use a good gaming headphone.

Gaming headphones are quite less costly than normal headphones but if you don't choose a good headphone, it'll ruin your complete gaming experience.

So, here is a list of best budget gaming headphones that you can buy from Amazon under 2000 Indian rupees (around $30).

Best Budget Gaming Headphones:

1. Redgear Cosmo 7.1

cheap redgear headphones

The first headphone of our list is a very popular product on the internet.

Almost every person who id looking for a good budget gaming headphone has bought or thought about buying this headphone.

I personally use this headphone and here is my review-

The sound quality is really very good at justifying the price. I can hear every 'footsteps' of my enemies from a very far distance.

It has a cool light effect that makes it better looking than other headphones. You can also change the effects your accordingly.

Talking about the mic, I'll not say it's the best mic I've ever seen but, the quality of sound it generates is very clear and noise-free.

But, the best thing about this headphone is its comfort. It's very comfortable for long gaming sessions. You'll never feel any type of headache with it.

Price: 1,699/-

2. Cosmic Byte H3

cheap cosmic byte headphones

Most gaming headphone has either light effects or cool glowing effects inside but, this one is different from them.

The headphone is covered with an 'Army' signature design which looks just stunning.

Though most people don't like this type of designs but believe me this will give you a good exposure at the battlefield.

It is available at 3 colours, Blue, Black and Red.

The sound quality is very good and has a very positive opinion at Amazon.

Price: 1,450/-

3. Redgear Dagger

redgear headphone under 1000

This one is for those who don't have a lot of money to spean on a gaming headphone. Redgear is good company for buying computer accessories at a very low cost.

The design is not so good and awesome but you'll get everything that you need in a gaming headphone.

The audio quality is good, the mic is pretty decent and talking about the comfort, I don't think it'll feel too much uncomfortable.

Overall justifying the price the product is okay.

Price: 899/-

4. Cosmic Byte H11

cosmic byte headphone under 1000

Here is another one from Cosmic Byte but it's cheaper than the previous one.

But, it looks super dope!

The combination of black and orange grabs all my attention.

Sound and comfort-wise I can rate it 3.5 out of  5 but, looks and price-wise it 5/5.

Price: 749/-

5. Kotion Each G2000

cheap cool looking headphones

This headphone is also a popular one as like the first one. The sound and the mic is really amazing.

Also, the build quality is pretty strong. You can throw it out of your window, bend it to impress your crush, it'll not be broken.

It's also very comfortable to wear and for hours and hours of gaming. If you're serious about gaming, I recommend you to check it out.

Well, it's pretty value for money and I think best at this price.

Price: 1,199/-


Well, these are my favourite headphones all over the Indian Online Marketplace.

And I want to keep it very short that it helps you choose something better.

You know, when you've too many options to choose, it will take longer to make a decision.

Thank you for reading the conclusion. Let me know if you're interested in more cheap gadgets list in the comments.


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