Building The Cheapest $140 Gaming PC with Aliexpress

aliexpress pc build

Today I’m going to tell you how you can make the best low budget gaming PC build around 10K price segment and trust me guys you can play decent gameplay on it in low or medium graphics most of the PC games.

In this post, I’m gonna show you some pc build with Intel Processors show deal with them as your preference.

In this list first, you will see an Intel-based gaming PC and then AMD based gaming PC build.

Intel-Based Gaming PC Build:

Is it possible to Make an Intel-Based gaming PC at 10k in 2019?

Yeah, this is possible but not an easy task because for all parts you can't buy in one position. So, some of them you need to find in the offline market or some of them you need to buy an online site like AliExpress or Amazon etc.

Gaming PC Build with Intel Core 2 Quad processor

a) CPU:

Here we are using Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 (or you also can choose Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor). 

Yeah, It is a lie bit old processor but for struck in the budget you can go for it because It will be one of the best processors for gaming pc build in under 10k.

It is a 64 bit Quad-core CPU that is based on 45 nm lithography. It has a based frequency of 2.66 GHz and with 6 MB L2 cache.

TDP 95W with LGA775 sockets support.

You can buy it Via Aliexpress for the best price. It is available on Aliexpress for around 950 rs- 1000 rs.

Before buying this product you should check the price in Offline markets like Kolkata’s Chandni market Or Delhi’s Nehru place etc.

b) Motherboard:

We are using here ZEBRONICS  ZEB-G41 LGAA775 motherboard.

It is available around 2000 rupees on Aliexpress but you should check in offline for the best price.

You can also buy any other cheaper Motherboard like ZEB-G31 LGA775 or any other brands for LGA775 sockets and G-31 is available in 1500 rupees.

c) Graphics card:

Graphics card in under 10k budget segment PC?

LoL! Yeah for this pc I’m select GTX 660 graphics card from Gigabyte which will be cost around 3.5k  and in my opinion, this is the best graphics card even 1030 or 750ti.

For other option Asus gt-1030 gddr5 lp 2GB graphics card but if you can’t find it around 5k you can go for Asus GTX-750TI GDDR5 graphics card.

Maybe you are thinking doesn’t the processor bottleneck the performance? 

Yeah! partly but not too much bottleneck the performance and in 10k budget It’s ok. But don’t worry you can play almost all modern game in 1080p low or medium settings.

d) RAM: 

We chose here best RAM for this PC in the budget. Here we select Kllisre 4GB ddr2 RAM (2*2) or you can select any other ram 800 MHZ and that will be charged 800-900 rupees.

For the best price in Aliexpress and offline market.

Else, you also can buy a 4GB ddr3 RAM (2*2) RAM and you will get around 1k-1.2k price in any local market easily.

e) Hard Disk: 

Here we use Seagate Pipeline 300 GB HDD and you can buy any 300 GB HDD in the offline market easily around 1k price.

f) Power Supply + Cabinet:

This PC doesn’t need much power so you can buy any cabinet which comes with a 450w power supply. It is easily available for 800-900 rupees with a brand name like I-Ball etc.

You can buy the Cabinet and Power Supply from any Indian E-Commerce site such as - Amazon, Flipkart etc. to avoid the extra customs charges.

And this PC have much ability to run some medium graphics Game or can run Some old game In 60 FPS in High settings.

So, If you try this PC built don’t forget to share your experience.

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  1. Thank you for this article, it is very helpful. Could you also recommend a CPU cooler and a power supply for that suits the above setup (if possible from ALiexpress)?

    1. Thank you for reading the article. You can buy any CPU cooler from any online stores or from your nearest computer store according to your budget. There are lots of cheap good CPU coolers are available on Ali express such as,

      And for power supply, here is a good one for you:

  2. This is a very difficult topic for me because I am not so good at it yet and often search for the necessary information.

    1. There are lots of things available at Ali express at a very low price.

  3. This is a very low price for such a computer, and therefore this assembly will be popular because the price is much lower than others in this segment of offers.


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