How to Fix Your Smartphone's Battery Draining Issue in 2024

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Are you a smartphone user? Are you suffering from batteries degrading over time?? Well, here are some tips and tricks to span your smartphone's battery life.

1. Most users thought that it is very important to use their smartphone until the battery completely discharges for better collaboration but that is one of the main reason to kill device’s battery. Please don’t do that and tried to leave your smartphone around 15-20%

2. Sometimes some people completely discharge their batteries and uncharged their devices(Such as Laptops, Tablet, Smartphone) for a long time then after this period, it can completely kill your battery.

3. When you are charging your devices please remove its covers and cases.

4. Always charge your phone in a well-ventilated flat surface.

5. Always avoid any type of un-branded charger which is available at cheap price.

6. A fast charger can impact your batteries long-term lifespan, so if in normal time charge your device with any good normal charger.

Hope it can help you and now here are some F.A.Q s –

1. Can I charge my phone overnight?

Yes, you can. Because overnight Charging the phone doesn’t really affect your modern day batteries.

2. Which place & How I should charge my phone?

Charge your phone in a well ventilated flat surface and try to avoid closed places, removes back cover, while charging your phone.

3. What kind of charging degrades the quality of the battery?

If the charger provides a lot of heating or overheating of the battery can degrade the quality of the battery. So, if you are using fast charging for your phone and kept it under a pillow that can create overheat in your phone and it will impact your device.

4. Should I calibrate my battery or not?

Actually, these modern day batteries have lots of digitized, where the calibration happens automatically but if you still find some problem related to your battery like it drain very fast or if you charge in battery suddenly gets low, or increases suddenly automatically then in that cases you will need to calibrate your battery.

5. Does Applications which are stored in RAM, also consume battery?

Actually, this is not true because the Android phone has 3GB,4GB,6 and 8 GB RAM for that reason you can store as much application in your device memory. You just make sure that the apps which are running in the background, are not much hungry for CPU power (like Facebook, location etc.)

6. Why I faced battery draining issue on my Android devices?

If you face battery Drain issue after a software update then it will not be a long-term issue because in next update company will fix the problem. 
Else most phones have Lithium-ion battery and with these batteries, there is a chemical reaction happening in inside of the battery and because of that when it completes 100% reaction then it starts to utilize some resource for chemical reactions.

So if you were to charge your phone after 100% then have the 100% charge for more time then they would corrosion in the battery because it would utilize some other resources or the chemical reactions for that why we have configuration in battery as soon as when the charge completes 100% the power will be cut-off or  it reduces charge 100%- 90% then charge it again and that how they prevent the overcharging. 

Sometimes you might notice if battery reduces 10% in the first hour then 15% in next hour then it happen because the battery does not discharge in a linear way for that reason battery degrade same way in every hour.

7. What is the normal life span for a normal battery?

2-3 years

8. Can I use my phone while charging?

Yes but not much and don’t run any apps what is creating overheating on your phone.

9. Can I charge my phone on talk time usage time( while charging remaining 30-70%)?

Yes you can  

10. Do we need to discharge completely to charge our phone?

No, it does n’t. Please don’t do that because it might kill your batteries life and tried to leave your smartphone around 15-20 %.

11. Does it effect if I keep a battery discharge for a long time?

Yes, It can kill your battery 

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