HP Chromebook 14 [2021] - Review, Specifications, Price in India

hp chromebook 14 - review, specification, price in india

Performance and affordability are two of the biggest pillars of Chromebooks. An affordable laptop with longer battery life and better day-to-day performance was some of the first selling points of Chromebook.

But in 2021, Chromebooks are more than just Chromebooks.

In this article, I’m gonna review the HP Chromebook 14 according to 2021.

I’m gonna talk about its specifications, price in India, whether the price is justified or not, unbiased review and opinion about HP Chromebook 14 and some of its alternatives such as HP Chromebook 14, HP Chromebook x360, HP Chromebook 14a & HP Chromebook 11.

Why Chromebook?

First of all, let’s talk about Chromebooks. Should you buy them in 2021? If yes then why? What are the pros & cons?

If I have to say something about Chromebooks in just one line, I would like to say, “Chromebooks are like affordable Macbooks with their own features and accessibilities.”

It’s actually true.

Chromebooks are better performing than any regular windows laptops. They have better battery life and optimization along with affordability & portability.

google chromebook best features with portability

With Chromebooks, you’ll get the actual laptop experience. Regular laptops aren’t actually laptops, they’re just portable computers. Unlike them, Chromebooks will give you the best experiences exactly like the smartphone you’re using.

Along with Android application support and Linux (Beta) support, it makes one of the best deals in the entire computer industry.

Now talking about the bad parts of Chromebooks, They don’t come with a lot of space. But, luckily it has a MicroSD card slot for expanding your storage up to 128GB & they’re definitely not for hardcore gamers.

HP Chromebook 14

HP Chromebook 14 is one of the early Chromebooks that are available right now. You can get a better Chromebook at this price range or cheaper in 2021.

Keep reading till the end.

I’m gonna compare it with other Chromebooks. But as this is the HP Chromebook 14 review, I’m gonna talk about it anyway.


  • Technology - HD
  • Refresh Rate - 60
  • Dual Core
  • Intel Celeron N3350
  • 2.4 GHz clock speed
  • Intel HD Graphics 500
  • 4GB
  • DDR4 RAM
  • Max. RAM - 8GB
  • 64GB
  • Expandable up to 128GB
  • SD Card Slot
  • ₹ 24,592 or $330

Build Quality:

I’m not actually impressed by the build quality. Although it came in 2019 still it’s too plasticky.

It looks way better than any regular laptop at this price point but for 2021, it’s not actually a good looking laptop.

It has a matte finish at the back that makes it feel awesome while holding it with one hand and the keyboard also feels decent while typing.


Now talking about the performance, when it was released, at that time it had a very buggy and immature operating system.

ChromeOS wasn’t a good smooth operating system at all. But all these years, they improved and right now ChromeOS is one of the best operating systems for laptops.

If you’re buying HP Chromebook 14 right now, no doubt you will get the latest ChromeOS version with all the features and smoothness.

hp chromebook 14 with linux (beta) and android

It handles everyday tasks like browsing, writing, watching videos, coding, video conferencing and stuffs like these pretty well. I mean to say a lot better than any regular windows laptop.

But, it’s not for gaming. You will see lagging issues while heavy gaming. But casual gaming is okay. You can easily download a bunch of Android games from the Play Store and Linux games from the internet but don’t even think about heavy gaming on this device.

Price in India:


This Chromebook is not currently available in India. But you can check out this Chromebook on Amazon. It’s better than HP Chromebook 14.

Should you buy in 2021?

Honestly speaking, a big NO.

As I’ve said earlier, you can get a better alternative to HP Chromebook 14 in Indian e-commerce in 2021.

They are new, fresh and with better optimization for Chromebook users.


Some of the alternative Chromebooks that you can afford at this price range are,

hp chromebook 14a HP Chromebook 14a - ₹27,999
hp chromebook x360 HP Chromebook x360 - ₹29,990
hp chromebook 11a HP Chromebook 11a - ₹23,299


So, this was my review and opinion about HP Chromebook 14. It was released in 2019 and is not up to the mark as the year 2021.

I’ve said everything you need to know if you’re planning to buy this particular Chromebook right now. Chromebooks are great laptops but this one is outdated and not as good as the new ones.

Lastly, I would like to say that I love Chromebooks a lot more than regular laptops because I love Linux. And Google implemented the best thing possible to make Linux a mainstream operating system with the help of Chromebooks.

Some words for Windows fans,

Switch to Linux. You’re the owner of your computer, your computer is not the owner of you.

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