Gaming Laptop Vs Gaming PC - Which is better? [Simple Guide]

gaming pc vs gaming laptop

Gaming is one of the most growing community these days. As new computer games such as PUBG, Fortnite, Minecraft are becoming so popular, everyone wants to take the joyful enjoyment of playing them.

But, Which is better gaming PC or gaming laptop? A custom assembled Gaming PC is always better than a Gaming Laptop at the same price range. Gaming PCs will be always winning if we compare them with Gaming Laptops. But, the best things a Gaming Laptop can give is a portable gaming experience. We can't take our desktops at the bed.

Also, so many newbie streamers are coming out and making their career on gaming.

But before playing any games on the computer, you should check whether your device is actually capable or not. I mean, if you want to play the game smoothly, you need to buy a gaming device.

But the problem is, what should you consider! A gaming laptop or a gaming PC? Let’s find out.

Gaming PC Vs Gaming Laptop (Comparison):

1. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit):

Of course, GPUs are one of the most important things you should look at while buying a gaming device. But the hardest thing is to fit a GPU in a laptop.

gpu what is

It’s too easy to fit an i7 or even i9 processor in a laptop but fitting a GPU into a laptop is a different story. Mostly, high-end GPUs are huge in size and can never be fit in a laptop. Also, there will be a very tiny chamber for hit sinks. 

But, in PC you can easily fit a very high-end GPU and even integrate water cooling technology in your PC. So, at this point ‘Gaming PC’ wins the first round.

[Tip: You can plug an external GPU to your old laptop to make it a gaming beast.]

2. RAM (Random-access Memory):

Generally, laptops have a low amount of RAM but that’s not a big issue. According to well-known gamers, RAM is not as much important thing as we think.

computer ram full form

For example, if you have 8GB of ram in your computer and buy another 8GB to increase the gaming performance, you’ll not find any major changes at the performance.

3. Storage (HDD/SSD):

Storage is another thing where laptops are just lacking away. If you buy a PC, you’ll have too many options to upgrade the storage. But at the laptop, you can’t do so as much.

storage devices

I mean, you have to be satisfied at another HDD or an SSD. Even you can’t use both of them together.

So, in this case, desktops are better.

4. Price:

Yeah, price matters in this case. You can assemble a ‘Gaming PC’ at the half price of a ‘Gaming Laptop’ with the same specification. Also, it’s too hard to play games with touchpads so you have to buy a mouse.

no money

And the microphone and the speaker on a laptop are not so good. So, you have to invest some of your juice at mic and external speakers.

So, I think somehow the price will be matter to you as well.

5. Portability:

Now, this is the thing where laptops are 10 times better than desktops.

Portability is one of the most important things for you and me. It’s not possible to carry your desktop all the time with you, so laptops are better at this thing.

pc gamers vs laptop gamers

If you buy a desktop, you’ll never have any issue with the performance and heat problems like things.

But in the end, you might think, “If I bought a laptop then, I can sit anywhere and play my favourite games.”

I personally use a desktop. All of my friends who bought a laptop with the same specification as me, facing so many problems such as slow startup, lag while video editing, high frame drops while gaming and a lot more.

But my PC works flawlessly. But sometimes, I feel so tired to sit at my desk continuously for a couple of hours. At those times I wonder, if I have a laptop, my life can be easier.

Even a Chromebook can be a better replacement.


So, in conclusion, which one should you buy? A gaming laptop or a gaming PC?

The answer is very simple. If you are in a budget and wants a better performing device, no matter of regrating for the portability, go for a desktop. You can customize as you want.

But if you want a portable device, have to travel a lot, don’t have any budget issue, go for a better gaming laptop series.

Now tell me which one you think is better?

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