Some Useful Android apps for PUBG Lovers (Updated)

Android apps for PUBG

Are you a PUBG lover? How much time you should spend on playing PUBG MOBILE?

Maybe 1 hour or maybe 2-5 hours or more. Haha Yeah, We all love to play PUBG and everyone would like to get Chicken Dinner in PUBG right?

So, for that reason, I’m gonna tell you some useful Android apps which helps you when you will play PUBG MOBILE. 

Here is the list of these useful Android apps:


Android apps for PUBG

We want to play PUBG in high frame rate right but when we want to change it. It shows our device isn’t compatible to play it on the highest settings with high frame rates. It is really annoying for us, right?

GFX TOOL FOR PUBG will help us to play in the highest setting without any lag.

It is completely safe to use. You can simply download it on play store.  After downloading choose in what frame rates and what’s the resolution you want to play it.

After using this app please share your valuable feedback with us.

Android apps for PUBG


Android apps for PUBG

It’s really annoying for us when we play PUBG and suddenly someone continuously calls or message us and for that reason, we should lose the chance to get that virtual Chicken Dinner.

Huh, It happened with me also many times. Maybe you also faced it.

Focus Bot basically helps you to focus on the game. If you are using a custom UI smartphone-like  Realme & HONOR then you might know about gaming mode but If you are a stock Android lover and using a smartphone-like Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 then Focus Bot will help you to focus in the game.

Basically, when you select on your device it automatically turns on your phone in DND mode and you also can select which messages you don’t want to show while you are playing PUBG and you can send any kind of Auto-Reply message like, "Bro, I can’t talk right now because I’m playing PUBG." 

If you want to focus on PUBG then must download it.

Android apps for PUBG

3. Map Companion for PUBG:

Android apps for PUBG

Map Companion for PUBG is really useful apps for those who recently start to play PUBG and don’t know much about maps in PUBG.

It basically analysis PUBG maps and show you where you get a good supply and where you get what kind of cars in PUBG maps. 

So, try it. 

Android apps for PUBG


Android apps for PUBG

Battlegrounds Battle Buddy is really useful apps for those who recently start to play PUBG and don’t know much about guns in PUBG.

Battlegrounds Battle Buddy basically helps you to provide details about guns range, damage in PUBG.

So, if you don’t know much about guns and maps in PUBG then you should use this particular app.

Android apps for PUBG

5. PUBG Stickers: 

Android apps for PUBG

We have some particular social groups for PUBG. Where we make a strategy for PUBG so why we don’t use any cool stickers for PUBG group ??

PUBG Stickers help you to use some cool stickers for a chat in social apps like WhatsApp.

HD Wallpaper For PUBG:

It has some cool wallpapers for PUBG lovers. so, I would like to download it and use these apps.

Android apps for PUBG

6. Wallpaper for Gamers HD:

Android apps for PUBG

It is also a wallpaper app for not only PUBG lovers also has some more popular games cool wallpapers. So, definitely try it.

So these are some apps for PUBG gamers. If you like these apps don’t forget to share your experience with these apps.

If you think we can add any other app in this list so comment below and we will add in my post.

Android apps for PUBG

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  1. I prefer not to use any additional programs in order to get pleasure from the game in the way it was meant by the developers.

  2. The popularity of these wallpapers among fans of this game is not debatable, therefore they show such a large number of downloads and installations by users from around the world.