7 Ways to Monetize YouTube Videos in 2019 [No Adsense]

Are you making videos for a couple of months but can't generate any income from your channel? Here are some simple tips on how to monetize YouTube videos. Let's dig in.

So, you are now planning to come on the internet to make content that generates some passive income or you just love making videos but don't get paid for your hard work.

I have some simple factors on how to monetize youtube videos You have to first understand some basic factors. You can generate a lot of money on the internet but you have to keep patients.  

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Here, I will tell some real facts that all the famous YouTubers are using for generating a huge amount of money from the web.

Monetize your channel:

Now, monetize is not just means Ads on the video. There are tons of ways to get money from a channel.

how to monetize youtube

1. Google Adsense:

As you all know Google will pay you for your work but when you've completed 1000 subscribers and 4000 hr of watch time on your channel. There is no hacks and tricks to cover it.

You have to complete the threshold if you want to show ads on your video.

But, one thing I should always remember if you are not making good content no one will visit your channel and through your channel is monetized, you wouldn't get decent money from there. So, make your content amazing.

Focus on that, not on the money.

how to monetize youtube

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a very big and awesome contribution to the Youtube world.

You can join affiliate programs of some E-Commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, Banggood, Gearbest to get affiliate link of their products and promote that on your channel.

Now, I am giving you the simplest way to make a content;
  1. Use Google Keyword Planner to get keywords for your topic.
  2. Chose that kind of topic which has a better amount of search.
  3. Make sure to check the competitions. Always work with those kinds of keywords which has less competition. If you are doing what everyone is doing for a long time, you would not crack the search engine.

  4. After the proper keyword research, open google and download some images from the web-based on your topic. 
  5. Go to Quora and research on what people talking about the particular product.
  6. Now accumulate all of your research and write a short, to the point script. Make sure it should not be very long and very short.
  7. Make a less noisy voiceover and add that with the images and copyright-free music.
  8. Now, paste your affiliate link in yo the description box. That's it.

how to monetize youtube

3. Referral Programs:

Referral programs can give you so much money that you can't even think. You can join some easy money making a website like Link Shortner website and other websites which has the referral program and tell your visitors about the site.

Make full depth information with some income proof and leave a Referral link in the description box.

And don't forget to tell you subscribers for going from your link.

how to monetize youtube

4. From your own Website:

If you don't have a website of your youtube channel, make it now. It's so easy. Go to Godaddy to buy a domain and host that domain on a Blogger site.

This is the most simple way to make a website in just 5 min. You can search on youtube about "how to make a website". There are tons of videos available there.

Now, when you've made your own website, post some articles on that blog and apply for Adsense.

On the is to be remembered here, don't copy others article.

Google is smarter than you. make your own article and also a video about that. Post your video on YouTube with the article's link in the description and as well as embed your Youtube video at the end of your article.

It will give you more visitors on your YT channel and also on your blog. You can earn both on the platforms.

how to monetize youtube

5. Sell your own product:

Here is a very unique Idea I have which I am going to tell you. There is some reseller website or app available in the market like Meesho, Woopler etc.

You can make a simple investment by buying a product from them and make a full depth review on that particular product and leave your buying link to your subscribers.

how to monetize youtube

6. Make your own app and promote:

Android app is now has a bigger market than anyone else on the market. You can make your own app and promote that from your youtube channel.

App making is so easy nowadays. There are some 15-16-year-old children is making an app and earning a lot of money from the internet.

You can do as well. You have only 1000 viewers, you can probably get 50 of them who will really be interested in your app. And when that 50 users will show ads from your app, it will be very easy to earn some revenue from the web.

how to monetize youtube

7. Earn from Link Shortner websites:

You might know about link shortener website. They will give you money more than Adsense.

Go to the web and find some that kind of products which are hardly available on the market right now. 

Then, solve there problem.

Upload that file on a Mediafire server. Then Copy that sharing-link, replace that link with your link shortener link and paste that link at the description box.

And, don't forget to make a small video about that.


Now, you've learned how to make money online or how to monetize youtube videos without enabling the monetization.

If you are doing hard work, you can able to get a huge amount of money in the future.

So, open your browser and search for that product which is hardly available or it is more simple if I am telling you to solve other problem.

When you will give value to the others, you will get values as well. 

It's you can say a true example of Karma. Yeah, I believe on that.

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