7 Mind-Blowing Future Inventions That Will Change Our World

future inventions

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Today we will be talking about some future technology ideas and some products from the future which will totally change our world. 

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1. HyperLoop: 

Probably it will be the most innovative future technology ideas for transportation.

So, what is Hyperloop? And how it will change the whole transportation system?

Hyperloop future inventions

Hyperloop was first conceived in 2012 by Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk.

Hyperloop represents the greatest leap in transport infrastructure for generations with passengers sitting in pods that travel its airline speed through pressurized tubes using electric propulsion and magnetic levitation.

The concept will slash the time between two major cities.


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Suppose, a route between two cities distance for eight hours of bus journey, 4 hours of a train journey and 3 hours of air travel experience will complete in just 30 minutes.   

2. Self-Driving Car: 

After a long day in the office, you become very tired and you don’t have any mood to drive a car. Right?

Yeah, It happens with everyone. So, a Self-driving car or driverless car can solve these problems.

self driving car - future technology

You don’t want to drive now? No, the problem this robotic car will drive you to your home. This will be one of the greatest innovative products examples in future

Basically, this kind of robotic vehicle is capable of sensing its environment and It can move safely without any human input.

There are many different types of sensor to perceive its surrounding. Such as GPS, Radar, Sonar, Lidar and some measurement units.

3. AOT(Array Of Things):

Array Of Things is a project that’s aiming to develop a Smart City using network sensors.

Sensors will collect all data of environment, Temperature and basically all other activities what is happening in the city. 

array of things - future technology ideas

Then it gonna provide the data to residence and policymakers for better services.

Currently, It is implemented in Chicago. Sensors are mounted on the lamp post, traffic signal and everywhere in the city.

If the projects will available in every major city in the world then it will also help what people need most in that city and what they don’t need or can avoid these kinds of news.

It will also help to make more innovative products for the future.

4. 5g Wireless Technology:

Now we are gonna be talking about the 5th Generation of technology of network which will provide 10 times better & faster communication and It also can handle 1000 times more traffic than its previous generation. 

5g technology - future technology news

The expected maximum speed of the 5G network is 20GB/s. That is sufficient enough to download movies in a millisecond or a huge files game in a second.

5G will not only make a revolution in the wireless network industry. It will also make a huge revolution in Education, Banking, Medical, Business platform.

For 5G we will see more future technology in education, innovative products in banking and more innovative products in the business. 

In India, we will experience 5G the next year. After that, we can expect some 5G future technology in India which changed our experience in the medical, transportation system and all other departments.

5. Cancer Detecting Pill:

Google is designing tiny magnetic particles that can look into signs of cancer and other diseases in the human body.

Cancer detecting pills - future inventions

This will be a revolution in medical science.

6. Giant Genomics Storing Service:

Google will store your genome in the cloud for $25 and the storage system could have a major impact on the scientific community.

giant genomics storing service - future technology

The hope is to collect millions of genomes to aid in scientific research as MIT review reports of the system could aid in the collection of cancer Genome clouds that would allow scientists to share information and one virtual experiment.

This project is run under GoogleX.

7. AI Moon:

It won’t be possible to discuss future technology without discussing innovative products in China.

Chinese scientists are planning to launch an artificial moon into orbit by 2020. In order to illuminate city streets after dark. It will save more money.

artificial moon - future inventions

Scientists are hoping to hang the man-made moon above the City of Chengdu, The capital of China’s southwestern Sichuan province. 

The imitation moon is basically going to be a huge illuminated satellite. It’ll have a reflective coating to reflect sunlight back to Earth, where it will supplement streets lights at night.

There’s an estimate that the artificial moon could be up to eight times brighter than the actual moon. Obviously, it’ll orbit much closer to Earth at around 310 miles away, compared to the moon’s 236000 miles. 

Theoretically, The AI moon can save the city of Chengdu around $173 million in electricity costs annually.

If everything goes to plan then the first AI moon is going to be joined by three more artificial moons and that will light up the night sky by 2022.


So, these are some innovative products list or future technology ideas which will change our experience. 

Hope you guys like this. If you have any suggestion to add any innovative products to this list don’t forget to comment.

Just think what will be future technology 2050? Maybe, the human will start to live in other galaxies also?

Or something more that we can’t imagine? So, what do you think? Comment below.

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