Easiest Ways to Download Videos from YouTube (PC/Mobile) [Without Software]

Download Videos from YouTube

As Youtube is the most popular video sharing platform, almost all content creator is using it to publish their videos.

But, when you want to download videos from youtube website, you can't find the download button anywhere.

And same as with the application. 

There is the option for offline the video, but you can't save it to your gallery.

So, what's the solution?

Well, there are so many apps available which can download any videos from youtube, but those apps are also harmful to your device.

You can't find those apps on Playstore.

That means, somehow they are not following Google's privacy policy.

So, there is no meaning to download those apps when everything you can do online.

Let's start the tutorial step by step.

Download Videos from Youtube in HD (PC/Mac):

The process to download videos from youtube directly is very easy actually.

If you are at your desktop, simply go to Youtube and open the video that you want to download.

download videos from youtube website

Now click on the video URL and add 'ss' between "www." and "youtube".

youtube video downloader save

Now press enter to go to the download page.

when you are in the download page, select the video quality you want and click on the 'Download' button.

download videos from youtube directly

How to Youtube Video Download in Mobile:

There are 2 ways to download a Youtube video to your phone's gallery.

1. Through an Application:

If you are using an android device, there are so many APK files are available on google.

Search with "Youtube Downloader APK" on Google and you'll get a bunch of application that can download videos from youtube for android.

Tubemate is one of the most popular and oldest Youtube downloader application.

download videos from youtube for android
But, here are 3 best and easy to use Youtube Downloader that I can recommend you.

best online youtube downloader
Videoder | Vidmate | Keepvid

But, if you don't have too much space to install another application or if you don't need any youtube video downloader free download, you'll love the 2nd way.

2. Download Online:

Downloading video from Youtube online is exactly the same process, download from PC.

Open the video on your Youtube app and click on the share button.

Now click on "copy link" to copy the URL of the video.

youtube video download on android

Go to Google and search for "save from net".

how to youtube video download in mobile

Go into the first website. 

Paste the copied link to the URL area and hit enter.

how download from youtube

Then after one second or two, you will be redirected to the download screen.

Now choose the quality and click on "Download" to start downloading.

how to youtube download

So, this is the process of youtube video download on Android.

You don't have to download any external application in this case. This is the article about how to save a youtube video without any software.

I hope you like this article. Now tell me, which process is looking very easy for you?

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  1. By following your steps, I have downloaded 10+ movies for free. Anyway, thanks for this method...

    1. You're welcome Mahiya. I hope it'll be more fun.


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