Cheapest E Learning Setup for India in 2021 (Easy Online Education)

e learning gadgets

Are you a student?

Are you looking for some budget friendly accessories to start your distance learning or online education journey?

Or, you can be a parent wanted to bring your child in a online distance education environment but, don't have too much money to spend on gadgets, this article is for you.

Here I've sorted down all the value for money gadgets to build a online learning setup.

Best E-Learning Gadgets:

Android/IOS Mobile:

Android setup for online education

I hope you definitely have a smartphone in your hand right now as you're reading this article online.

Even a smartphone with a decent specification can handle almost every single thing in online education.

I would like to suggest you to have a good internet connection and some more available data than usual.

I mean, just recharging with a higher data pack can help you a lot.

And, I'm gonna add one more thing.

You can buy a super cheap plastic built tripod for mounting your smartphone.


Laptop for online education

If you have a laptop, it's the same.

You have most of the things like webcam and microphone to start digging into distance education.

But, upgrading into a good webcam and a decent USB microphone can improve the quality even much better.

If you don't have one, here are some of the budget friendly laptops you can buy online.

Laptops: Dell, Lenovo1, HP, Lenovo2

Custom Build:

1. Desktop PC:

Desktop for online learning

Desktop PCs are awesome and it's my favorite.

I know it's not portable but, the opportunities are seamless.

You can build a super cheap PC to start while upgrading as you go on.

Even, a small sweet Raspberry Pi is almost enough for your journey.

You can buy an All in One PC or build yourself with custom PC parts.

I would suggest you to buy from a local store as, it will be a bit cheaper than online.

2. Monitor:

Beat monitor for online classes

The price of monitors starts with less than ₹3,000 and go on and on.

As I said earlier, you can buy a super cheap monitor in less than ₹2,999 from a local computer shop near you.

But if you want to go online, there is a monitor from Zebronics you can pick.

3. Webcam:

cheapest HD webcam for online classes

Webcam is a must needed product if you're using a desktop.

But, please buy a good one.

The webcam industry have got a massive growth during the lockdown.

And the prices... Oh my god. It's too much right now.

There was a time when webcam companies had to run ads to sell their products.

But all thanks to the pandemic, it's their time now.

But if you still looking for a cheap one, I'm telling you, your overall experience will be worst than anything else.

One of my student's parents have bought a very cheap webcam from a local store.

The camera quality is very very bad.

It has built-in LED flash light but, still the quality is 99% bad.

And the microphone is not working as usual.

Turning off your camera will be better than these types of webcams.

But if you want to invest a little bit, here are some good webcams with a decent quality camera.

4. Microphone:

Best microphone for e learning online

A good microphone is very important for attending online classes.

If you're buying a decent webcam, it will have a decent quality microphone built-in.

But, if you want to buy a separate microphone to expand your overall quality, take a look at Blue Snowball or Blue Yeti.

It's two of the best and most budget friendly desktop microphones.

5. Wi-Fi Router:

Wifi router for online education

As you're studying and doing everything online, you will definitely need a good internet connection.

You can buy a decent Wi-Fi router directly from your local internet operator or from online stores.

7. JioFi

JioFi for online learning
Source: Ishtiyaq Husain

If you're in India, Jio Fi can be a good replacement of local Wi-Fi router.

It will be cheaper too.

Recharging with a higher internet plan can help you with more studying and researching purposes.


So, that's all you need to start you online education journey.

I will suggest you to focus more on the learning and less on the setup parts as at the end the thing that is important is how much you've gained the knowledge.

Which product you're gonna buy first? Tell me in the comments.

If you have any queries regarding this topic, feel free to reach me at twitter @thesouvikpaul.

Thank you for reading. Bye.

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