Why Old PC Can Run HD Videos But, Not HD Games?

old pc hd video but no hd game

Do you have an old computer in your home? Do you watch HD videos or movies there?

If your super old PC can easily play HD videos then why it can't handle HD games?

In this article, I'm gonna talk about this.

How videos work?

old pc game loading error

When you download a video or movie on the internet, you download a rendered file.

This file is rendered by software to be played inside another software.

For example, when you make a video, after editing you render your project by software like Premiere Pro.

And when it's ready, it can be played by software like VLC Media Player.

So, it's not an executable file. Rather, it's an extended file that can be played by a compatible program.

For that reason, if you don't have a media player installed on your computer, the video or movie file will not gonna be opened.


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How games work?

pc gameplay with high power

Game files are completely different from video files.

A game has lots of assets and executable files which requires a good amount of memory and processing power.

At the starting of a game, it might not lag. But as more you're playing, the game loads more files that need a huge amount of processing power according to the game quality.

Games also required user interaction. For example when you press the key for going forward, first your keyboard tells the CPU, then the command goes from CPU to OS, from there to game controller files.

And when the process will be done, it will tell the CPU again to project that to monitors.

And as all these processes have to be executed simultaneously, it will take more and more power.

That's why old PC can't run high-end games.


So, as the video files are very less process hogging than game and less memory required to run, they can be played on almost any types of machine.

But, games are pretty heavy and not made to be performed by a tiny memory.

That's why an old PC can run HD videos easily but can't run HD games.

Hope you've understood the concept behind computer execution.

Thank you for reading.

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