Does Realme 3 Worth Your Money? Check Now And Thank Me Later!

realme 3

So, there is another mid-range smartphone comes to the market. Yeah! you're right. I'm talking about Realme 3.

Some people really love this Realme brand but most of the tech reviewers including me don't really love their phones. 

That's not for the 'Color OS' and 'Overexposed images', the main problem of their phones are user experience. As a user, I sometimes just being distinguished by their UI.

But, the best thing is Realme claims that they've fixed those previous problems in their new Realme 3.

But again, should you really buy them? Let's find out.


Talking about the specification, nothing is really talking about. But, those are really very simple. Nothing extraordinary, but you get a decent spec with it.

  • Screen: 6.22" (720x1520 pixels)
  • Display type: IPS LCD
  • Screen to body ratio: 81.8%
  • OS: Color OS 6 (Android Pie)
  • Chipset: Mediatek Helio P60/P70
  • Internal: 3/32 GB or 4/64 GB
  • Main camera: (13 MP, f/1.8, 1/3"+2 MP, depth sensor)
  • Selfie camera: 13 MP, f/2.0, 1/3", 1.12┬Ám
  • Sensors: Fingerprint (rear-mounted), accelerometer, proximity, compass (No gyroscope! Better luck next time!)
  • Battery: 4230 mAh
  • Colour option: Black, Dynamic Black, Radiant Blue

So, those are the typical specifications of the Realme 3. But you know, I've never judged a phone just by reading the specifications. And you shouldn't too.

Here is my Review:


The display is nice. This is not the best display I've ever seen, but it's actually pretty good.

Though Realme 3 has 720p IPS LCD display, the colours and saturation are not as bad as you're thinking.

realme 3

Yeah, I know, it's not the best but I don't have a complaint with it. The iPhone XR has a 720p panel. That's not mean the phone is worthless.

It's all about the engineers of the company and how they've managed every single thing. And in this case, it's decent.

Look and feels:

The phone is looking almost like a premium phone in hand. There is a gradient look at the back.

I like the camera placement and the yellow ring around the first camera.

realme 3

The phone feels great in hand. As the display is a bit of colour punchy, it looks almost like a premium phone in hand.

Camera quality:

I'm shocked when I've opened the camera of the Realme 3. It's really a good change from the brand. 

The camera is really good. The punchy colours are there. That's a satisfying thing for me.

realme 3

Talking about the front camera details, I can clearly define a single hair from my beard. That means the camera on the phone is powerful.

There are so many options in the camera UI. And if any smartphone company gives me more options in their UI, I'm started loving them.

User experience:

I don't love the Color OS. They are buggy, disgusting, full of bloatware, but recently Realme announced that they are now with a new and very flexible version of Color OS.

realme 3

But in my opinion, there is some sort of bugginess still we can find. They are looking kind of like IOS devices, some people will love them, but I'm okay with stock android.

I even like the MiUi. Color OS needs a lot of improvement to beat that.

Battery backup:

With the huge 4230 mAh Li-ion battery, the phone will last around one and a half day of normal usage.

But if you like playing a lot of games on your phone, it will give like a complete day battery backup.

Nothing much is talking about the battery. Let's move on to the last and most important topic.


The first thing I've to say about the performance is if you are an average user, you definitely love the performance of that phone.

But, you can expect too much from it. Though here is helio p70, the performance is 'okay' in my opinion.

realme 3

As I don't play games on my phone, the performance is actually good for me. But if you are a heavy gamer, you can consider some other phones as well. AFAIK, Redmi Note 7 Pro is a great smartphone.

But, I like the performance of Realme 3. I'm recommending this phone if you are a normal smartphone user.


So, should you spend your sweet money for it?

Yeah! you can. It has a good display, awesome camera quality, good performance, an amazing battery life. I mean it's a complete package.

But, then if you are looking this phone just to play PUBG on it, I'd say, you can go to the internet and do some more research to find the best phone for your need.

You can also check our other post, there are so many things that you should know about.

But you tell me, have you ever used a Realme smartphone? If yes, what's your experience?

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