Roblox is here with a new voice chat system (FAQ Updated)

roblox secure voice chat

Roblox is an online gaming and game development platform that is very popular among kids.

It allows users to create games and play games created by other users (developers).

It is not only popular among kids but a tremendously popular game in general.

Although, over half of the total kids in the United States of America use this platform to play, create and explore games.

In 2017 there was a controversy in the news media with the chat system of Roblox.

They claimed that the chat system was not working accurately and there’re some risk issues with that.

So finally, the Roblox devs have replied.

Although the claim was in 2017, now we can see that the engineers of Roblox didn’t forget the feedback.

In the very days, they were planning to build something secure, safe and enjoyable at the same time.

They are going to introduce a brand new chat system which will not only be safe for kids but also, will be very secure for their users.

The day before yesterday, Roblox held a live stream which was about the future of the company.

There they claimed, Roblox has millions of active users who’re using the Roblox platform every single day.

It is one of the uppermost growing apps on Google Playstore and the Apple App Store.

According to PCGamesN’s report, the developers of Roblox revealed that the game has over 32.6 million users who are coming to the platform daily whereas 56% of them are under 13 years old.

That means the majority of Roblox users are kids.

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If the report is accurate then, this new Secure Voice Chat feature is a gem for their users.

These days, mostly after lockdown, kids are all home alone.

And they don’t want to miss any opportunity to be together with their friends.

In Roblox, they can play incredible games built by the community and chill with their closest friends altogether, inside one single platform.

As the developers are remarking that the voice chat feature will be very safe and secure, we can assume parents will now be more confident with their children’s online safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is there a voice chat in Roblox?

Yes, Roblox had a voice chat system. But, that wasn't secure enough. Recently, Roblox developers have introduced their new secure and safe voice chat system.

Q: Can you voice chat on Roblox PC?

Yes, you can easily voice chat on Roblox through your PC.

Q: Is Roblox only for kids?

Not really. Roblox is a game and also a game development tool. So, any aged person can play Roblox. It's pretty cool though.

Q: Does Roblox give you a virus?

No, it's just a game. But, if you're not gonna download it from its official sources, there might be a chance that you're getting some fresh viruses.

Q: Is Roblox safe for kids?

It won't harm your kid. Make sure to guide your kids only through the best parts of it. It would be awesome.

Q: Is Roblox OK for a 5-year-old?

Playing a little bit with a strict parental guide can put some great possibilities into their minds.

Q: Is Roblox better than Minecraft?

Every game has its own story, rules and atmosphere. I play both and you should too.

Q: Is Roblox dead?

No. Over 32.6 million players are actively playing Roblox every single day.


A game that is popular among kids will stay popular as long as their parents feel safe with the company.

So, every game development company which has a communication feature in their games should have to be very conscious about their user’s safety and security.

If you’re planning to make your games, you should be aware of these parameters to win quality users.

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