Redmi Note 7 Pro Has 48 Mega Pixel Camera. Really? What's The Secret?

First of all Snapdragon 660 can process up to 25 Megapixels. Then how can it possible?? Does Xiaomi making us fool?? 

Redmi note 7 pro camera

The answer is No. So how can it possible? 

Here we are trying to explain to you about the logic. Before we are starting you need to know about what is RGB, Bayer filter, and Quad Bayer filter. 

If you knew about these 3 things then you knew how does it work and if you don’t have an answer about them then we are trying to explain the process.

1. What is RGB?

redmi note 7 pro camera secret

RGB is an additive colour model which has 3 primary colours (Red, Green, Blue). In this model, all 3 colours are added together in many various ways and reproduce a board array of colours that are called the RGB colour model. 

2. What is Bayer filter or RGGB OR BGGR?

redmi note 7 pro camera secret

Basically, It is a CFA(colour filter array). Which are used for arranging RGB  in a square grid of photosensor which is used in Digital camera and camcorders etc to create a perfect colour image? And In this filter pattern, 25% are Red, 25% are  Blue, 50% are using Green colour. 

3. What is Quad Bayer filter?  

A: In this arrangement, 4 pixels are grouped in a square grid and sharing the same colour filter using a 2x2 matrix.

Now you are very close to your answer –

Let's think your device has a 24 MP sensor that means it has 24 million pixels that means if you consider your Megapixels as a square then 24 Megapixels has more 24 millions of square of pixels in your camera sensor. 

redmi note 7 pro camera secret

As we knew that Red, Green, Blue ‘s addictive colour produced colour for the image just like that all pixels are also included colours using more bay filter.

And if we using Quad bias filters in your device which can supports 24 MP that means it will become 24x4=96 megapixels and here same for Redmi Note 7, It has 48 MP camera that means if we consider it’s 4 pixels as 1 pixel then it become  48/4=12 MP.  

redmi note 7 pro camera secret

Now you may be still thinking about how can SD660 supports 48 MP sensors, then you need to know that SD660 can process a photo up to 25 MP that means we can put hardware up to 25*4= 100 MP and for Redmi Note 7, Snapdragon 660 need to process only 12 MP which It can handle easily. 

Hope now you can understand how Redmi Note 7 has 48 MP and how SD 660 can support 48 MP sensors.

But, What's your opinion? Do you want a 48 Mega Pixel camera in your smartphone?

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  1. Ekdm bekaar camera hai 48MP bolkr 12MP ka camera de rhy hai

    1. Have you used the camera of that phone? I think you can't judge just by reading some articles or watching some videos. I've used that. I don't think that's as much 'bekar' as you are talking. I think you should give a try.


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