Oneplus 6T Vs Asus ROG Phone | Which One Should You Buy? (Shocking Result)

oneplus 6t vs asus rog phone

Are you ever thought why the two same phones with the same components, same processors, same type features can’t perform the same type?

Well, here is your answer. A few months ago, Asus had launched their ROG phone which has world’s fastest speed-binned 845 processor clocked at 2.96 GHz also Oneplus 6T comes with Snapdragon 845 processor but clocked at 2.8 GHz. 

Here comes another question how ROG is faster than Oneplus 6T

oneplus 6t vs asus rog phone

Well, it happened because, in ROG, Asus has used speed-binned 845 processor. So, what is binning?  

In that case, semiconductor industries are playing a big role. When a semiconductor industry fabricates a chip that time they aren’t making only one or two pieces they are making in a huge lot. 

So in that time semiconductor industry has used a 48 inches silicon wafer. 

oneplus 6t vs asus rog phone

After in a process they fabricate a lot of chip in same time. Then they diced that chip in category wise. For that reason, it can’t be possible to previously make every same type of chip.

For that reason, we can see the difference between clock speed, performance, speed, output in two same processors. 

Now maybe you have a question about why they aren't tested every chip? 

oneplus 6t vs asus rog phone

Answer is no, when a semiconductor industry make chips they have done speed wise test, clockwise test, performance wise test after all test they label that chip ( like sd 845, I9 for Intel) and when a chip doesn’t perform very well or a core doesn’t work then they disable it and label that chip (like i5 for Intel, sd 630,660,710 etc. for Qualcomm etc.) 

And when in a chip perform very worst type then they label that chip like- i3 for Intel and sd 425,430, 450 etc. if any chip completely doesn’t work in that case they garbage it.

Every semiconductor industries are binning their chips because for binning they can sell that low performer chip in the market at a low cost. 

So, now hope you can understand why companies are binning their processors. Now Its time to answer you why two same devices (like two Nokia 5.1 plus or any other two same devices) can't perform same. 

Well, you can say limitation in technology. Maybe our technology is becoming very smart every day but still, now we can't make two same product in nano level. 

oneplus 6t vs asus rog phone

When companies align marks on semiconductors where alignment are very well they get well good performance chipset and  where marks are miss-align maybe for any optical observation issue or for any other manual issues that chipset cant perform like well marks alignment chips for that reasons or for sometimes two different environments two chips are not identical and if two different chips are not identical between them then how can be two same phones with the same components, same processors, same type features can perform the same type?

Hope now you can understand why two same phones can’t perform the same type. 

If you still confused or maybe raise any kind of question about this feel free to ask us, we will be happy to answer your question.

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