Top 7 Best Free Cloud Mining Platforms in 2024 ($50/day)

free cloud mining

Are you looking for free cloud mining platforms that are running in 2024?

Do you want to mine cryptocurrencies in 2024 but need the budget for setting up your own mining rigs?

Here, I can suggest another process of mining cryptocurrencies in 2024.

It's called cloud mining.

What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud mining is nothing complicated and rocket science rather it's just like someone already set up many mining rigs & gave them for rent to the users.

It is a real computer setup to run 24x7 and you just have to monitor your mining from a dashboard.

It's connected to the internet. So, every data is recorded and shown to you properly.

You can also buy extra computing power to boost your daily mining power & increase your earnings.

Best Free Cloud Mining Platforms

Here is the list of the best (mostly used of famous) cloud mining platforms/services that you can take a look at in the year 2024.

All the platforms mentioned in this article are running as of now.

1. Crypcet

crypcet free cloud mining

This is a fairly popular and new free cloud mining platform in the market.

Crypcet gives you $5 of free GH/s credit which is 100 GH/s.

In Level 1 (without any investment) you can ming 4 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin & Polygon.

Otherwise, the other 4 currencies that are Tron, Litecoin, Binance coin & Solana will open as you increase levels.

Ways of earnings in Crypcet

crypcet dashboard free cloud mining

  1. Mining: You can mine crypto here to earn a decent amount daily.
  2. Referral: You can refer your friends & family on social media and for every referral you will get a $0.02 guaranteed commission.
  3. Deposit: You can deposit funds to increase your computing power to earn money. But this is a risky process as many cloud mining websites are shut down after some time. Invest at your own risk.

2. ECOS Mining

ecos free cloud mining

ECOS cloud crypto mining is one of the most recommended cloud mining platforms you can find in the cloud mining market.

The best feature of ECOS is not a feature but its trust score.

This cloud cryptocurrency mining platform is reliable, trusted among miners around the world and very smooth to operate.

You can mine almost all sorts of crypto here.

No need to worry about mining rigs & mining power anymore because at ECOS you can get a lot of hashing power to earn a really good amount of profit out of your deposit investment.

The deposited money at ECOS is relatively safer than the platform I mentioned before.

You can also try demo mining before making a deposit to the platform.

You can also trade (sell/buy) crypto contracts at ECOS without any fear. They got you covered.

3. IQ Mining

IQ mining free cloud mining

IQ Mining is also one of the trusted & popular cloud mining platforms to look at in 2024.

This cloud crypto mining website is very popular among all the buddy miners. Many people have actually talked about this platform & according to them, IQ Mining is very good at its job.

The dashboard is very focused & smooth to operate making sure all your decisions are going through well as it's important to you to make more revenue.

Interesting features of IQ Mining

  1. You can earn extra revenue from your specialized mining contracts & agreements
  2. You can get all the information & suggestions for better Bitcoin mining.
  3. A better way to trade on mining contracts.

Not just mining, you can also trade in cryptocurrencies at IQ Mining. Overall it is a very good platform to start cloud mining in 2024.

4. NiceHash

nicehash free cloud mining

NiceHash is one of the most used platforms worldwide.

Because of their seamless crypto mining & trading experience, this platform is very popular among people in the mining industry.

They have a smooth app & web experience to mine cryptocurrencies & trade them.

NiceHash also provides dedicated private endpoints for businesses & enterprises. This is one of the best things about NiceHash if you're looking for a long-time partner for starting your mining journey.

They also have a merchandise store to buy crypto-related items such as stickers, t-shirts, bags etc.

Overall a trusted platform to check out if you're planning to start a big business out of mining.

5. StromGain

stromgain free cloud mining

StromGain is a seamless digital crypto investing & trading platform. It offers various services such as crypto investing, mining, trading etc.

They run multiple campaigns where you can get free crypto or free crypto cloud mining power to earn currencies.

Features of StromGain

  1. They have a very protected layered wallet solution where you can securely store your coins.
  2. Mining can be done easily without almost any investment.
  3. You can also get 12% interest on your stored cryptocurrencies.
  4. Multiple payment methods are available.

6. CryptoTab (Browser)

cryptotab free cloud mining

Although, this is not a cloud mining platform or website rather it's a browser where you can browse & also use your PC or phone's power to mine crypto coins.

No need to set up any wallet & other pieces of code or software, you can just install the browser, surf as you browse the web regularly & also earn free crypto seamlessly.

They claim to be the world's first browser with a crypto mining feature built-in which is actually true.

But, it requires your computer's power to mine.

And if you have a decent PC specification, you can earn some coins. But if you're planning to use it on a computer or smartphone with lower specs, you will be disappointed, my friend.

7. BeMine

bemine free cloud mining

BeMine is one of the most popular free cloud mining platforms for young miners & investors.

Here you'll get a 13-day free mining experience where you can earn a decent amount of cryptocurrencies and redeem them.

Then you can start your investment on the platform to get more power on mining.

So that, you can earn a living out of it.


So here is the list of the top 7 best free cloud mining platforms you can try in this.

By using these platforms you can mine, trade & invest in crypto coins to earn free cryptocurrencies.

Let me know your thoughts on the platforms & your story about it.

Thank you for reading. Have a great mining experience.

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