What is Vabbing at The Gym? Why People Are Doing It on TikTok

vabbing at the gym

People are social animals. We love to be in trend.

Therefore, a new trend on social media often rises at a scale level. Especially on TikTok and started in the USA, the "vabbing at the gym" trend went global and people are doing it like crazy.

In this article, we will dig deep into the topic and find out why people love doing it and why this is even a trend.

This article is all about the new trend on TikTok, Instagram & other social media.

It's called "vabbing at the gym".

Now, you may wonder, what is this now? What is "vabbing at the gym", right?

In this article, I will answer all your doubts on this topic.

What is Vabbing at The Gym?

Vabbing, the word is a combination of two different words. It's V-dabbing.

Now let's discuss what is V-dabbing.

Dabbing is a word of the sense of your swag showing to others.

V is the female body part.

People on TikTok make a trend around it. They dab v-fluid on their neck, behind their ears and anywhere they want so that they will become more attractive to their partner. They think that is like a perfume for their partners and assume the guy will be attracted by the perfume.

It's a personal preference between like-minded couples.

This is the whole trend. That's it.

Nothing more to know.

If the partner has no problem with it. That is okay I guess.

Now let's see what people are talking about. I will let you know what internet critiques are saying, what doctors are saying and others.

Does Vabbing Work?

The theory is the liquid has a chemical named pheromone that animal releases to attract the opposite gender.

Dr. Wesley said that animals can use these compounds to mark a territory, sound an alarm, or like a trigger.

If you asked me does this work, I would probably say "probably". But let's see what specialists are talking about.

In short, it is not clear yet that vabbing actually works as no studies have been performed on this trend.

vabbing at the gym for the first time

Some people thought that it was just another trend that went viral on social channels but for some people, it is a very big health concern.

Some people also want to explore this and want to be more attractive to their partner. For them, I will let you know that this theory is not proven yet that guys find this attractive every time.

Maybe it's attractive when the couple is together spending good quality time but other times, I don't think this is a good idea to make yourself attractive.

I would suggest you use good quality, good-scented detergents to wash your clothes. As a guy, I find this very attractive.

You can also use nice perfumed shampoo to wash your hair, the smell of the after-bath hair of a girl who uses good-scented shampoo is very attractive.

It's just my personal preference. Yours might be different.

Is Vabbing Safe?

Now comes the main part, the people who want to explore this, this is not so safe at all.

This is transferring bacteria. Even if you are very clean and you have a healthy body, still after some time, the bacteria are still there.

Well, you can do this in the very time when you guys are together to warm up the tension but don't use it as a perfume all the time.

This seems dirty.

How it started?

It started on TikTok in the United States. A TikTok guy named @jewlieh posted a video on this topic and got 200,000+ likes overnight.

From then, the tren started and people went crazy after it.

jewlieh on tiktok started the vabbing at the gym trend

According to @jewlieh's video, the vabbing technique releases tension in the opposite gender and makes them feel attractive to the person who is vabbing.

 It feels like a perfume to the person according to @jewlieh.

How it's going?

According to Google Trends, it sometimes went viral and sometimes did not. That means when people are interested in vabbing, people search online.

The graph is straight but recent ups have been found there.

Actually, history repeats.

The new user will know about it and try the tren also, explore the technique and eventually make a video about it. That's how it's going.

It's not going crazy at this time. This is a year-old trend and now it's going okay.

Why at the Gym?

People like to go to the gym with their partners. Especially in the United States, 2 out of 3 couples go to the gym together.

Now, girls want to be attractive to their partners at the gym. And they can go to any extent for this.

They think that they will be vabbing at the gym and when they work, the sweaty body will make a combination of fluid and body sweat and create a very attractive perfume.

And the perfume will attract their partner. 

The girls think that.

Future of Vabbing at The Gym

I think people will do it over time.

If someone is like this and their partner is like this then they will eventually do it.

People go much extent than this at other times.

If you are looking for advice on whether you should do it or not, I would like to suggest you please don't.

Don't do it.


Well, you can do it, but only when you guys are in that mood. Don't use it at the gym. It may not affect your partner's body but the bacteria will affect your body.

And with sweal, it will be very bad for your body and skin health.

So, in conclusion, don't think about vabbing at the gym.

Now, if you don't want to listen to me, that is totally up to you. I am no one to give you any advice.

I talk fact. And in fact, I can say it's bad for your health.

Hope you find this article a good resource. Let me know what you think about this.

Happy living your awesome life.

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