How to Clear the Cache Memory in Google Chrome Browser - Windows, Mac, Linux

how to clear cache in chrome

In this video, I’m gonna show you how you can clear the cache memory from your chrome browser application.

I think it’s somewhat important to clear the cache memory over time to ignore frequent lags and high usage of RAM while using chrome browser on your personal computer.

Although, cleaning the cache memory can occur a little bit of extra internet usage when you’re going to load any website next time, but it will surely increase the smoothness and performance of your overall browsing experience.

Keeping that note in mind, let’s clean the cache memory.

how to clear cache in chrome video tutorial


First of all, open the chrome browser.

Then click on the 3 dots from the left-up corner & click on settings.

Then, head over to privacy and security.

Then click on clear browsing data and de-select everything except cached images and files

Then, click on clear data.

It’s done. Now restart your chrome browser & enjoy! And I appreciate it if you subscribe to the channel for more videos.

Thank you for watching, bye.

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