7 Best Air Conditioners (AC) Brands in India 2023

best air conditioner (ac) brands in india by gadgets gadder

Do you want to buy a brand new air conditioner this summer but couldn’t figure out which brand you should go for and which one to avoid?

In this article, I’m going to talk about that.

I’m gonna talk about some of the best brands you can choose while buying a brand new as well as a refurbished air conditioner in India 2021.

Best AC Brands in India 2021

1. Voltas

voltas is one of the best ac brands in india

Voltas is an Indian brand manufacturing home appliances since 1954. They are mainly focused and specialized in cooling technologies.

In terms of creating and selling air conditioners, Voltas is a pretty straight to the point brand for the general Indian public.

Voltas has a 20%+ market share in the AC field.

Based on various reviews, consumers find Voltas is India’s no. 1 brand for buying split air conditioners.

As Voltas Limited is a part of TATA Group and developing high-cooling, eco-friendly air conditioning machines, most people trust them and it seems they’re happy after purchasing.

If you compare the prices between Voltas ACs and other brand’s ACs, you’ll find Voltas cheaper.

In terms of in build features, they’re pretty decent.

You’ll get almost all of them you need to use in daily life out of the box.

Some of the best Voltas ACs:

  1. Voltas 183VCZS
  2. Voltas Copper, 123V CZT3 (R32)
  3. Voltas 175V ADJ
  4. Voltas Copper 102 EZQ
  5. Voltas Copper 183DZZ (R32)

2. Hitachi

hitachi is the best affordable ac brand in india

Hitachi is a well-known brand delivering digital products and solutions, energy devices, IT stuffs, smart life technologies and home appliances since 1910.

Hitachi Ltd is a Japanese multinational brand based in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

Because of their affordable price range, they are very popular among Indian consumers.

I have some of the devices in the home that I use daily created by Hitachi.

As I’m from a middle-class Indian family, my parents found Hitachi products pretty affordable with quality applied.

Hitachi is more popular in the inverter AC market.

They also take care of eco-friendliness and high-cooling technologies when it comes to air conditioners.

They are always trying to develop devices that can be used by the general public and trying to implement new features which can be handled by less power consumption.

Some of the best Hitachi ACs:

  1. Hitachi RSOG518HDEA
  2. Hitachi RSNG318HDEAZ2
  3. Hitachi MERAI 3100S

3. Samsung

samsung is one of the most trusted brands in india

We all know about Samsung. There is no particular introduction needed to describe the name Samsung.

Many of you might be a fan of their Galaxy series mobile phones.

But, they’re not only passionate about smartphones but also, aggressively working on other home technologies as well.

One of them is Air Conditioners.

Now, they are not so popular among AC buyers in general.

If you go across all their AC listings on Amazon, you won’t find a lot of reviews.

But, I’ve included them in my list here because they are very straight to the point when it comes to customer services.

They always provide great services so that you can stay always hustle free.

Some of the best Samsung ACs:

  1. Samsung AR18AYLYATB (New)
  2. Samsung AR18TY5QAWK
  3. Samsung AR18AY4ZAUS

4. LG

lg is the trusted and smartest air conditioner brand in india

The famous South Korean company that wants to make people ‘Life’s Good’ is one of the go-to brands for every Indian consumer's AC buying needs.

Established in 1958 and delivering powerful, compact, affordable priced, value for money home appliances since then.

They are also trying to make this world a better place for everyone by manufacturing eco-friendly products for the Indian public.

The best thing about LG is the smartness of the brand.

You can control your LG Inverter ACs with the official LG mobile app.

So, you don’t have to be looking for the physical remote every single time whenever you want to enjoy the coolness of your new AC at your home or office.

One more thing I like about LG, especially with their ACs, all of them are very beautifully designed.

It looks gorgeous with any kind of interior.

Window AC comes with premium white colour and with a high-quality plastic build and split ACs are available in different colours according to the decoration of your sweet home.

LG is now trying to build ‘dual inverter air conditioners’ that will consume less power and release cool conditioned air at a faster rate than the single inverter one’s.

Some of the best ACs from LG:

  1. LG MS-Q18YNZA
  2. LG MS-Q12YNXA
  3. LG MS-Q18SWZD
  4. LG KS-Q18SNZD

5. Carrier

carrier is the best ac brand for office and corporate

Carrier Corporation was founded in the year 1915. It’s a USA based corporation company that started by manufacturing heating, cooling and ventilation devices.

The company was started as an independent company back then.

The name Carrier means one of the best AC brands for Indian consumers.

Mostly because of their all-rounded package that people are constantly getting used to.

According to some research, it’s found that Carrier AC’s are mostly used in corporate sectors such as offices, banks, schools and colleges.

Because of the low maintenance required after purchasing and the long lastingness, corporate sectors find it more superior.

The best thing about Carrier’s ACs is that they make very little noise while running.

They are great for study and work purposes.

That’s why offices love them.

But while I was looking at some AC forums, I found some people are complaining about Carrier AC.

They complained that they couldn’t find some parts of the Carrier air conditioners for replacing with their broken one’s.

Though they have very little maintenance out of the box, once it is damaged, you have to replace the inside parts with new ones.

And AC is one of the things that you would like to invest in for a long time.

So, after-support of the required hardware is very important to consumers.

If you’re thinking about buying Carrier air conditioners, don’t forget to do your research before.

Some of the best Carrier ACs:

  1. Carrier CAS18ES3R30F0 (3 Star)
  2. Carrier CAI18ES5R30F0 (5 Star)

6. Blur Star

blue star ac is great and affordable for home and offices

This is one of the few companies that stands out from the crowd as a multinational Indian company.

The company was founded in 1943 by Mohan T Advani.

He started the company by manufacturing ice candy machines and bottle coolers (source: Wikipedia).

After then, Blue Star began the development of various air conditioning projects.

Soon the business owners of different cooling companies found Blue Star very affordable and value for money for their manufacturing processes.

After 26 years from then, in 1969, Blue Star came up with their first public offering.

Now talking about ACs, as Blue Star is a purely Indian brand, they know what an Indian family wants in their home/office very well.

And for that reason, they always come up with their budget-friendly plus powerful air conditioners that exactly what a middle-class Indian family asked for.

But they’re not limited only to households. They have some great deals for offices and corporates as well.

Because of their previous records among corporates and the budget-friendliness atmosphere, office owners feel very comfortable with Blue Star AC.

That’s why you may have seen Blue Star’s AC in various offices like schools, colleges, police stations etc.

According to various customers, Blue Star ACs are very power efficient. After 5-7 minutes it reduces its power from 750 watts to 500-450 watts and after about an hour the power automatically reduces to 250-300 watts.

Some of the best Blue Star AC:

  1. Blue Star IC318QATU
  2. Blue Star IC309RBTU
  3. Blue Star FS318EBTU

7. Whirlpool

whirlpool is the most stylish air conditioner brand in india

This is one of the brands that needs no introduction. We all are very familiar with Whirlpool.

Whirlpool was founded in 1911 and from then continuously delivering great quality household products for more than 100 years.

They are mostly famous for refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioner.

But in this article, I only talk about their ACs.

Now, Whirlpool is kind of a brand that Indian customers feel very comfortable with.

Because of their stylish design, cutting edge technology and cost-effectiveness, Whirlpool AC is the choice of many families.

If you go with them, you don’t have to worry about the design.

Their AC will perfectly fit with your interior.

One more thing that helps Whirlpool to stand out from the crowd is its smartness.

With their smart home and IoT technology, you can easily control your AC from any corner of this world.

You can start your AC before you come home with their mobile app.

Right now they’re working on something that they call ‘3D cooling technology’.

One more thing I like about Whirlpool is that their AC lineup starts from only 25,000 rupees.

Some of the best Whirlpool AC:

  1. Whirlpool MAGICOOL PRO+ 3S
  2. Whirlpool MAGICOOL PRO 5S
  3. Whirlpool NEOCOOL 3S


So, these are some of the best air conditioner brands that you can go with for buying your first AC.

Whether you’re going to buy AC for the first time or you’re an old AC buyer, these are the brands that will never make you disappointed.

All of these brands have a great reputation in their fields and known for quality services.

Some of the brands are even powered by India’s top entrepreneurs.

But, don’t buy any random AC just by believing in some random article on the internet.

Rather, do your research, list down your needs, read reviews across various platforms and then decide which one is great for you.

I hope this article helps you in some ways.

If you want to know more about this topic, feel free to contact us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you for reading.

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