Delhi Metro Has a New Smart Card With Auto Recharge

delhi metro smart card

Almost everything we see right now is either automated or shifted to digital because of this pandemic situation.

As we can see the massive growth of online industries; at the same time, offline services are going through big trouble.

Delhi Metro is not an exception.

It was unoperated since April 2020.

But right now, The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is working on new ways to execute travelling without cash and contact.

Today, they revealed a new type of smart card which will automatically recharge your account whenever you’ll have less than 100 rupees in your wallet.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has collaborated with AutoPe to release this new “Zero Human Intervention” card.

delhi metro new auto recharge smart card

Whenever it is functional; from then, you will no longer need to wait in a long queue of people for recharging your card wallet.

To use or configure this service, you can go to AutoPe’s website or download the app.

How to get Delhi Metro Smart Card with Auto Recharge Feature?

As Delhi Metro is not functional from the starting of the first lockdown, they’re trying to start the travelling service contactless, cashless and safe for the passengers.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation will start giving these card whenever they’ll re-open.

But if you’re someone who is looking for a pre-registration of this service, you can order the “Zero Human Intervention” card delivered to your home.

Go to to know more or apply for this new smart card.

delhi metro contactless smart card service

When you get your card delivered, you can then register for a new AutoPe account by downloading the AutoPe app from the PlayStore or App Store if you have an Apple device.

You have to set the auto top-up service from the app or the website for only one time.

AutoPe will charge a maximum of 1% nominal convenience fee for every single transaction.

They also offer a card customisation feature and a 5% discount which can be pretty beneficial for regular Delhi Metro travellers.

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