Qualcomm's New Flagship Chipset is Coming with The New Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 is Coming with the new Qualcomm 855 Chipset.

As you all know Qualcomm is making the best processors for the smartphones, the new generation of flagship killer is coming this year. At Howai Qualcomm will celebrate their 3rd anniversary and probably then they declare Qualcomm 8150 as their new flagship processor. But as the name of the Qualcomm chipset is always in only 3 numeric value, it might be Qualcomm 855 chipset.

Nowadays mobile processors are getting so much power that can easily compatibles with computer processors.

And with this new generation processor, the power will higher and the company claims it will be 30x faster than the previous version. Also, it will give you a long time battery backup as they are optimized the chipset very efficiently. 

Basically, chipsets are the motherboard of the smartphone and talking about the GPU it will be coming with Adreno 610 GPU which is very powerful as compared to the previous generation.

Now, after Snapdragon 835 and 845, the new processor will be coming with a new generation screen to body ratio and that is the Samsung's full-screen display (without notch). Yes, you have heard right, this new chipset will come with the Samsung's new flagship, maybe Samsung Galaxy S10. And it will be very much optimized with Samsung's new User Interface, One UI. 

So, the smartphone industry will be getting a brand new processor this year. But, like the previous versions, it will also be old after a couple of months. And talking about the compatible phones, after Samsung it might be on Oneplus 7 and other flagship devices. And yeah, how can we forgot the Poco series of Xiaomi. Yeah, it will be on Xiaomi Poco F2 as well. So don't worry about which smartphone you are using right now because we are changing blessing fast.

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